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Taking a look at Christmas and New Year Celebrations

As-Salamo Aleikom

It's Safyiah here just giving you some piece of information about Christmas and the New Year Celebrations.

Ya Rabb! People, PLEASE, stop saying "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year"!!
It's not from Islam, not from Christianity and not from Judaism. So, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING???

Actually, Christmas is not from those religions either. There's nothing in Qur'an or in the Bible saying we have to celebrate that. And actually, it was a distorted innovation introduced to Christianity. So, Christians, review your intentions and search in your sources before saying Jesus ('alayhi salam) was born in that day (because there's no evidence at ALL), and even if he was, he didn't say to celebrate his birthday.

I know what I'm saying and I hope other people do too. I was a Christian before and things have becoming clearer once I had put my beliefs in question and moved on to search for the real truth about Christianity.

There's enough evidence to make me know that Christmas started with a sick person, and later became a sick practice with "adornments" added through the years.

For the Christians and others interested:

What the Bible says about the birth of Jesus ('alayhi salam)

[Luke 2:8] says that when Jesus ('alayhi salam) was born, there were shepherds on the fields that kept at night their flock.

Ok, after checking that verse, take a look at this picture:

OOOook, you know what? This is Jerusalem in the month of December. Now, should the shepherds and the flock be outside at that time? hmmmm.... good question (I think, probably not), since the shepherds would take their flock from the fields at the end of October (a bit early for Christmas, no?).

"So what do we celebrate on 25th December?" - you ask.

It's a looooong story. But I don't mind telling it =)

Christmas is one of the main traditions of the corrupt system of Babylon, founded by Nimrod, Noah's grandson, son of Cam/Kam. The name Nimrod comes from the word "marad" which means "to rebel". Nimrod was a powerful hunter against God to combat against the order of propagating [Genesis 10:9]


- He created the institution of, what we call now, cities (he created that idea, i mean);
- He constructed the Tower of Babel/Babel Tower as to challenge God ( the intention was, creation of cities, touch the skies, eternal fame, worshiping the planets, stars, etc.)
- He founded Niniv and many other cities.
- He organized the first kingdom in the world.

And this is a picture of many pictures that depict the Babel Tower:

Nimrod was such a pervert that, according to scriptures, married his own mother whose name was Semiramis.

After Nimrod's death, his mother-wife propagated the pervert doctrine of the reincarnation of Nimrod in her son Tamuz. She declared that in each birthday (Christmas, or Natal, in latin languages) of Nimrod, he wished gifts under a tree.

And you ask "what's the birth day of Nimrod?", I answer "YUP, 25th December."

According to sick people, Semiramis turned to Queen of Heaven... (yeah right).

Nimrod, with the passing of the years, was called later as the "divine son of God".

I'm sure you recognize images like this:

So, in this false babilonic system, mother and son turned to the main objects of adoration and worship.
The worship of mother and son was spread throughout the world, with a variation of names depending on the countries and languages.

Hehehe, take a look at THIS (hope you can read it, because it's REALLY interesting):

And that's how the true origin of Christmas is the ancient Babylon and is involved in the organized apostasy that has been taking all the world into error since many centuries ago.

Now you ask "So, when was Jesus ('alayhi salam) born?"

Well, all I can tell you is according to the Bible (but I wouldn't count it as true evidence either).

If you have the Bible, take a look at the following verses:

Of course you know Zakariyah (his name is different in English but it's similar).

[Luke 1:5-9] (this one is important), [1 Chronicles 24:1-19] (in this one, you should see that the levits were divided in 24 turns, and each turn would take over for 1 week, 2 times a year), [1 Chronicles 24:10] (the 8th turn belonged to Abias), [Ex. 12:1,2; Dt. 16:1] (the first turn would start with the first Judaic month Abibe, which is March).

Zakariyah, father of John the Baptist, according to the Bible, was the one who took over the temple during the turn of Abias (so, at the end of June or starting of July).

Finished his turn, Zakariyah went back home and as God had promised him, while his spouse Isabel was barren, she had her son John the Baptist.

Isabel conceived John the Baptist in the end of June or starting of July.

Jesus ('alayhi salam) was conceived six months after, at the end of December, or starting of January, see [Luke 1:24-27].

Nine months later... between the end of September or starting of October, Jesus ('alayhi salam) was supposedly born.

Still too early for Christmas right?

P.S.: None of the evidences quoted from the Bible are to be taken as totally true, since my brothers and sisters know the Tawrah and the Injil were changed by those who committed sin and hid hypocrisy in them between the Christians and Jews who wanted to follow their own desires. The total purpose of this post was to call for proof about Christmas, which, supposedly was to be from Christianity, but, as we saw, it isn't. And also, this post was to call my fellow Muslims to their religion, which is far better than these innovated festivals by the kuffar. Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are more than enough and it was our gift from Allah (subhanahu wa ta'la), why not keep those and reject the false ones?

May Allah guide who seeks the truth, Ameen.
Anything in this post that was good and beneficial is from Allah and anything that was bad and misguidance is from my own mistakes.

Wa Salam



Hanifa R. said...

As Salamu Aleikum, hmm interessante eu sempre tinha lido que o 25 Dezembro era o festival romano do deus-sol que foi "cristinanizado" para se tornar no Natal. O objectivo da Igreja: facilitar os povos pagãos a aceitarem o "cristianismo" nem que isso significasse distorcer e corromper a mensagem trazida por Jesus e introduzir clara idolatria. A "boa intenção" da igreja em facilitar os pagãos a celebrar festas cristãs resultou numa enorme mentira. O 25 de Dezembro também coincide com o solsticio de inverno e como se sabe os pagãos sempre tiveram rituais nestas alturas. É interessante saber que todas estas crenças idólatras remontam a Babilónia, afinal foi de lá que se espalhou o kufr e o shirk para todo o mundo, basta ler no Quran quando fala da presença Harut e Marut. É lamentável ver tantos muçulmanos celebrarem o Natal desculpando-se com a intenção não ser religiosa, que não tem significado religioso nenhum. Astaghfirullah, não têm medo de andar na fronteira entre crença e kufr. Jazakillah khair pelo post!

Feel Islam said...

Assalamualykkum sister Safiyya,

Well written post, throwing answers to so many questions many people might have asked inside them many times.! There is no doubt that verses of Allah have been modified by some crook minded people, Qura'n repeatedly says that. May Allah help us live in the right way and spread the light of Islam to others life too..Aameen!

May He reward you for your effort in helping others learn about Islam.

If you have a minute, please visit us and share your valuable thoughts.

Jazaka Allahu Khairan,
Feel Islam
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Anonymous said...

He was born during the time of the census...history will give you the answer...

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